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Premier Rental-Purchase is registered with the SBA on the Franchise Registry
The Premier Companies was named the 5th fastest growing franchise in the United States by Franchise Times magazine.

Ron Semelsberger, Jeff Gibson Open in Coshocton, Ohio
Gibson and Semelsberger
 Gibson and Semelsberger
When Ron Semelsberger decided to join the RTO industry 23 years ago, he had no idea it would lead him and his family toward three acquisitions, six different relocations and the ability to launch into business ownership as a Premier franchisee.

A few weeks ago, when Ron and his partner Jeff Gibson and their team of Jimmy, Jedda, Greg and Jerry opened their Premier Rental Purchase store in Coshocton, Ohio, Ron looked back on a career filled with mentors, teammates, business relationships, friends and strong support from his family that prepared him for his next step - ownership.

Ron spent more than 10 years with Comcoa, Inc. in Florida, at the time Rent-A-Center's largest franchisee. He started like most everyone else does in the business by cleaning merchandise, managing a route, delivering, servicing product, sales, etc. It was the long hours and the happiness he saw on the customers faces at the end of each day that made him fall in love with the business he is in. During his time with Comcoa he made his first move to Denver, Co. to open a new venture for them named AdvantEdge Rental Purchase. It was after the fourth store opened in Denver that Rent-A-Center decided to acquire Comcoa.

Ron joined RAC for a short time before he was approached by a former supervisor with Comcoa with an offer to join a company based out of Massillon, Ohio named Rental King, which was looking to expand nationally. He and his teams managed to open three stores for them before RentWay Inc. "came calling as an acquirer."

Upon that acquisition, Ron was relocated to the Canton, Ohio market with RentWay and subsequently met the person who would years later become his business partner - Jeff Gibson whose store was in Coshocton.

"We have traveled extensively over my years in the industry at many different levels and have met a lot of very exciting, professional, charismatic and dedicated people with whom we have been blessed to work. But the one thing that always stuck with me was what we saw in Coshocton, Ohio upon every visit to Jeff and his team's store. The respect, camaraderie, friendship and devotion offered to each individual customer and their families coupled with the smiles on customers' faces every time they entered the store doesn't adequately describe the customer relationship found at Jeff's store over the years. We knew that if the opportunity ever presented itself to realize our dream of owning our own business, it would be with Jeff and his totally focused customer service team in Coshocton."

After numerous moves over the years from Ohio to North Carolina to Pennsylvania to Kansas and New York, and seeing first hand that the larger a company grew, the harder it was for it to stay focused on what really mattered - the co-workers and the customers - Ron felt it was time to start looking at his options for ownership. It was also during this time that Jeff shared his similar feelings with Ron about branching out and breaking away from the large company atmosphere and becoming a part of something he could create from the ground up. For Jeff, it meant demonstrating the mantra he has longed lived with: "If we're going to find new oceans, we must be willing to lose sight of the shore."

Ron looked at all of the franchisers in the industry and ultimately settled on Trooper Earle and his team at Premier Rental-Purchase.

Ron had worked with many of the Premier Franchisees over the years and spoke with them about their experiences since joining Premier. According to him, they each had great things to say about the autonomy provided, the support they receive when needed and feedback when asked for. He found they liked the flexibility of running each of their businesses their way.

One of the Premier franchisees who played an integral part in Ron's decision to join Premier was John Miller who opened his store in Roanoke, Va. According to Ron, John went above and beyond to provide specific feedback and support and to answer Ron's many questions. Their friendship dates back twenty years to the Comcoa days when they were both coming up through the system. "John was right about a lot of things," Ron said, "especially how Premier's business model works in all aspects of the business. From walking through the model with Trooper and our accountant Dan Whitsell of Whitsell and Company, to establishing our back-of-the-house payroll and human resources concerns with Laura Emerson and her team at Premier Human Resources, to working through the finances with Premier's CFO Nancy Kravitz, to receiving support from everyone at Premier's offices, we have found Premier has given us what we expected and more as we put this business venture together."

Ron says the team he and Jeff have assembled to deliver the level of customer service to the "great folks of Coshocton, Ohio and the surrounding areas" is comprised of some of the best and brightest in the industry. The Premier team is enjoying success and the open arms of the community. And it shows, says Ron. It shows in the "their warm smiles, friendly hellos and exciting enthusiasm every single morning."
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