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Premier Rental-Purchase is registered with the SBA on the Franchise Registry
The Premier Companies was named the 5th fastest growing franchise in the United States by Franchise Times magazine.

Industry Vet Opens Second Premier Rental Purchase Store in Dayton
Scott Kinnear.jpg
Scott Kinnear, Premier Rental-Purchase dealer, opened his second store in Dayton, Ohio just in time for the holidays, holding his grand opening on November 22. RTO industry veteran since 1993, Kinnear said the success of his first location on Dayton's west side prompted him to open another to meet the demand of customers on the east side.

"I had established a strong foundation on which to build," he said, speaking of his experience in rental-purchase as an employee of a large national firm and as a Premier store owner in Dayton. "It was the right time to tap the potential across town," he said.

Kinnear got his rental-purchase experience not only managing RTO operations but also "fixing" troubled stores between Dayton and Columbus. Realizing the opportunities for success through owning a store rather than managing one for another company, he was inspired to follow the path of several colleagues who branched off on their own to become business owners. He researched his options and concluded that Premier Rental Purchase offered him what he wanted: the flexibility to run his business the way he wanted to and not be forced follow certain procedures or buy from certain vendors. He also liked Premier's low start-up fees compared to the competition and the support it offered him in getting off the ground with an effective business plan, financing support and other ongoing services such as human resources and marketing. He opened his first store in 2005.

"What sold me on owning my own store - and specifically joining the Premier family - was a visit to a Premier store owned by two friends. I saw the activity and how happy they looked. Then I talked with company president/CEO Trooper Earle and from there went forward to establish my own Premier business. I've been extremely happy about my decision to become an independent dealer and franchisee."

Kinnear said it naturally has been easier to open the second store. Many initial questions and concerns already had been addressed, and he had proven his skill as a business owner. He has placed importance on cultivating an engaged and experienced staff, and that has been extremely helpful the second time around, he said. He has been able to juggle personnel between the two stores to balance new hires with experienced employees so he can continue to devote equal time between locations and enjoy doing what he likes to do - and that is just about everything that has to do with his business.

"I like going out on the truck and being involved in store activities," said Kinnear. "I try to be more of an assistant to the managers instead of running things. I've learned a lot of lessons over the years, and I see the value of that experience to my business. I also see the value to my customers because I can serve them best by running my own operation the way I know best. I may have gotten only 12 hours of sleep recently during the countdown to opening the new store, but I love what I do, and I feel that the ability to succeed on my own terms rather than working for someone else is worth it all around."
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Sandi Frye Relocates Altoona Premier-Rental-Purchase
Location… Location… Location! That was the idea when Sandi Frye, Premier Rental-Purchase franchisee in Altoona, Pennsylvania, decided to relocate her store after seven years.

Jim Forker, 2011 Dealer of the Year Opens 5th Location
After 32 years in the Rent to Own industry working for someone else, Jim Forker has now opened his 5th Premier Rental Purchase location in less than 7 years.

Premier Rental-Purchase Takes Top Spot for New Store Growth and Service

Coshocton Premier Celebrates 2nd Anniversary
When Jeff Gibson and Ron Semelsberger first met during their days at RentWay, they developed a strong mutual business respect for one another. As the years went by and they continued to work together, their business respect grew into a friendship that led them into discussing the future that would eventually lead them into opening their own store one day.

Premier Rental-Purchase Opens in Hartford Area
The Premier Companies is proud to announce the opening of our newest location in Wethersfield, Connecticut, just South of Hartford. Rent To Own veteran and top performer, John Manzari, has been in the RTO business for nearly twenty years. He held positions with Rainbow Rentals and Rent A Center until August 2014. John became interested in a Premier Rental-Purchase franchise after watching several of his former Rainbow peers become successful Premier family franchisees. "I have been interested in owning my own business for many years and The Premier Companies made it possible for me to achieve my dream," said Manzari.

Mike Lewis Expands His Business
“I am passionate about the Rent to Own industry, and with passion, anything is possible.” This is Mike Lewis’ motto which has helped him be successful in the growth of his Premier Rental-Purchase business.

RTO Veteran Opens New Premier Store in New York
Heavy rain and high winds did not damper the grand opening festivities of Premier Rental-Purchase in Lindenhurst, New York last week. Mark Wilford, a 33 year RTO veteran, opened his first Premier Rental-Purchase store in Lindenhurst, New York.